Sharing The Gospel Through Testimony

Thank you for visiting the Christian Ministry UK website, brought to you by the Business Mens Fellowship, a UK registered charity.

We are an organisation that thrives in equippping, encouraging and supporting men in their Christian faith. We run conferences, local groups and events all over the UK to facilitate this. We also understand the importance and opportunity of sharing the gospel in the market place, in the very places we work and conduct our business. Mounting pressures in the marketplace take a toll on a man's body, mind, spirit, and family. For many, peace is a far-distant dream, and hope is almost non-existent. But, we know people don't have to live that way. Practical assistance is at hand. The Business Men's Fellowship holds breakfast, luncheon and dinner meetings to accommodate the busiest schedule. You are warmly invited to come along and meet men who have excelled in their field and would like to spend some time with you. Our members have dedicated themselves to helping others succeed in life. You could benefit from the listening ear or words of experience and advice from our members of varying backgrounds - from top executives through to working class, from entrepreneurs through to charity volunteers, from students through to the retired. We would be pleased to meet with you.

We reach out to men who are tired of the struggle of juggling work, family and social responsibilities. We offer men a welcome hour of rest in the company of men who understand the challenges of workplace. The Business Men's Fellowship is here to help people meet men who've found a source of wisdom, peace, hope, and rest in the midst of this turbulent world.

If you are looking for Christian men to fellowship with, our members throughout the UK represent practically all denominations. We would love to put you in contact with the relevant people in your area. All our members conduct their business based on biblical principles of honesty, fairness and quality service.

If you are a Christian man in the UK, then the Business Men's Fellowship is for you. Please read the few pages of the Christian Conference UK website to find out how we can help you succeed in the midst of the challenges of life. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you to help share the gospel effectivly in the UK market place.

For further information, please visit our main website